ART SOUTHAMPTON and Shelter Island

Art Southampton

During the summer we like to take little jaunty trips, it's so easy in the summer to decide last minute and jump out of town for a night or so (as long as you are going Mon - Fri, weekends take more planning).. just to get the feeling of getting away. I do it a lot with myself and my kids because my husband travels a bunch and me and the kids travel well together (if I do say so myself) as long as I get to pick the destination! (my husband is the one who takes them to Disneyland etc...) One of our favorite trips is to the Hamptons or Montauk.

small shelter island ferryboat

Booth at Art Southampton

For us Rhode Islanders it's so easy.... all we do is hop on a ferryboat and get ourselves onto the island. We don't do a lot of planning because we know there is tons of traffic, you never know where you are going to get stuck - the important thing is to keep your eyes open when you are there because there is always something fun going on! This weekend we did know that there was the Art Southampton show (my husband shows there :) so we were all set with our destination. What a show! it's a great place to see new and emerging art - great for kids because there is that combination of new artists mixed with old, you can play some games like "who's your favorite?" "find the peace sign!" or my favorite... "count how many hearts you see and whoever see's the most WINS!"

a bit of Mickey
 And then you always run into friends and meet new ones... it happens every time!


We DID spend a bit too much time in traffic this particular trip, so on our way back we hit a destination I have been WAITING to check out... The Chequit! On Shelter Island, what a cute, amazingly appointed hotel with a staff that is as friendly as can be... We had an early dinner before we jumped onto the ferryboat for our ride home and I am going back for more as soon as I can!

early dinner at Chequit
I am a bit of a picky customer when it comes to where I eat and where I stay, especially when I am on a get-away because I know when I get home I am going to advise you-all and I want to give you the best info for your perfect trip! This is your spot... gorgeous room, perfect dining, a cute little shop I just loved it all. It's also nice and quiet, I HATE crowds and I LOVE nice people... the staff was amazing, so nice to my kids and I we loved them!

I also think it would be a delightful place to get away from kids if you wanted a little romantic place to explore you sure could do it here!