dental hygiene

When it comes to dental hygiene we are not the best, but also not the worst. I feel like when we were kids we had all those crazy tricks, remember that stuff that made anywhere you didn't brush in your mouth totally bright pink! I'm sure it was not the best for us but I used to get totally freaked when I saw what I thought was good brushing only to find my mouth totally PINK! and flossing... forget it! I had a friend named Jenny Morgan (spelled incorrectly in case she doesn't want to be related to this article) she had gorgeous white and beautiful teeth! I was so envious, I even remember when she had braces... still gorgeous. Well guess what, she still has gorgeous teeth and guess what else, she FLOSSES!

So as I get on in my years I am picking up flossing at a bit of a stronger pace - so of course like any mom my kids have to do it too! We are now a floss-friendly family. So when Plackers came to me and said "would you write a blog about flossing and we will send you some flossers", I said "HECK-YA!"

Now even before they contacted me what they don't know is that we USED Plackers! I even use the mouth guards they make because I have also picked up the wonderful habit of grinding my teeth at night, oh man since 2008 if I would have been smart I should have taken STOCK in Plackers, because who the heck doesn't grind their teeth! Well if your kids don't really think they need to floss just hand them these cute colorful flossers! Perfectly sized for kids teeth, because sometimes the adult ones are just too big.

Plus.. I don't know about your kids but when something is just for them, it's better! Just like that!

I have also found a tooth brush that I am a bit obsessed about - so this is probably a good time to tell you about them, they are called MouthWatchers. I recently traveled and forgot my toothbrush and couldn't find Mouth Watchers and I used another one and it made me realized how incredible these toothbrushes are! I used to be one of those people that could grind down and toothbrush pretty quickly but this toothbrush helps with that and you can lightly brush and still feel incredibly clean. We all use them now! The BEST! here is their website.

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Happy Dental Hygiene to you and your family!