Your SPRING changing diet

I've talked about this before but since I always need reminding I thought you might too! At the major changes in the season you might find that you feel sick to your stomach... literally. It's almost a flu-like feeling, it doesn't last long but when it's there you may think it's the flu. Well it's not (well in some cases it may be - more on that later) it's just your body adjusting to the changes in the season and along with that you need to start to adjust your diet. Moving away from winter's well cooked stews and comfort food, into a more fresh cycle.

To be perfectly honest, when I get this feeling it's the perfect time for me to go on a bit of a diet or fast... because the thought of food doesn't even sound good to me. What a wonderful new movement we could start with a fast at the beginning of each season!

In the springtime, I move our family into more fresh cooking, smaller meals and not so much snacking. We need to shed that hibernating feeling! Walks outside, for kids playing outside, it's about being lighter and feeling lighter.

This is also a time when your immune system my be down and needs some boosting. It's easy to get colds and flu at this time of seasonal change, so help your body by boosting your immune system with whatever works for you, Echinacea or for the kids I use Astragalus. But it is also boosted by walks outside, sports, running, etc. And don't be fooled, if you (or your kids) are still eating their Easter candy that's NOT helping either (throw it all over the floor with wrappers all over the place... "oH! look! the DOG ate it" voila... chocolate GONE).

Think of your flowers.. you need to build healthy roots for your body to be strong and lean for the summer!