This is really one of my favorite collections of the season! Lilit is a friend, a very talented one, who excels with her graphics and her simple and clean styling. Lilit lives in Germany but travels to India to oversee production of her collection quite often, what a PERK! She closely watches over her hand printing that results in a optimal colors and beautiful prints! Her pieces all have incredibly clean finishes with french seams, no sloppy edges here! and a real attention to detail.

Every piece is a favorite in my book so visit her page on my website to find YOUR favorite! and don't miss her kurta, really... I think everyone should own this piece, it's perfect for Spring/Summer and offers a cool solution to warm weather. Remember her breezy cotton prints are hand printed so there are imperfections, but that's why they are so beautiful!

lilit stripes! :: top left: women/kurta, top & bottom right: dress, bottom left: kids dress

lilit sunburst (gold print) :: in both kids and womens styles!

lilit zig zag :: in womens shirts + kids dresses and shirts!
Littl by Lilit! the best of Spring/Summer.. these are styles you can wear ALL season long...

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