gn woodwork

Our friend Garett Neudeck, who did all of the renovations on our home (we LOVE his work), has just published his new website and while there is more to come, I loved some of the pieces and seriously wanted to share them with you. My favorite is this 70's bookshelf, which I would DIE for in our home... I love all of the detail work, and while you can customize it, I love it just the way it IS!

This piece is 9' x 9' x 12" its BIG and that's a great part of it... it would take up an entire wall! "Originally designed and built in the 00's, this thing should have been made in the 70's. Pictured version made from pine recycled by us from a building in Red Hook (Brooklyn) with painted plywood doors. Held together by joinery and old-school, straight slotted solid brass screws so that it can be (relatively) easily taken apart to go up any elevator/stairway or with you when you move from your apt in the city out to that old farmhouse in the country" I loved his description of how he detailed the piece.

For a smaller space I love this desk, what's it called... a writers desk... whatever I want it! (48" x 84" x 24") - there is even a secret door for secret storage on the side, he thinks of all the details!

He has more to come, but I was too excited to share these... I will let you know when more shows up but in the meantime.... get your STORAGE in order.

visit his website at: www.gnwoodwork.com