books I want to read... soon...

There are three books on my reading list right now, then a friend posted on facebook that she was looking for a book to read and wanted suggestions, what a GOOD idea! She got a bunch of good suggestions from her friends that were great! (I got some ideas too) just passing on the idea cause I thought it was a good one.

For me, these are the books that are on my list, I am quite a fan of biographies so... there you go.. all THREE are biographies (sometimes I slip something else in there, not this time).

I LOVE this woman! She has such an amazing wit, she's sharp and works super hard, everything I strive for... I love that she is such a behind the scenes person, or maybe not.. have to read the book! (plus, all my 'fashion friends' said it's a great read!)

There are many books on this woman, but I have heard that this one is great! What a powerhouse, I expect to get lots of tips from her on how to be chic ;) (isn't she the most elegant thing you have ever seen... and even better as she got older!)

and I don't know if you heard it but Sheryl Sandberg was on Terry Gros yesterday and I just decided I needed to read this book. I agree with her on many points - but then I don't agree either... which makes me think this will make for a good read!

I think you should buy them at your local book store but if you can't here are the links on amazon:

GRACE a memoir by Grace Coddington
Empress of Fashion - A life of Diana Vreeland by Amanda Meackenzie Stuart
Lean In - women, work, and the will to lead - Sheryl Sandberg