only 5 rooms at the Mojave Sands in Joshua Tree
reflecting pool

This is the time of year that I am always DYING to take a California trip... I am usually pretty good at finding an excuse, um... I need to go to SF to meet some bloggers... um... I need to go to LA for one of Gurmukh's workshops... um... this list goes on a little bit like this... I try to find a blend of personal/work excuses. It's BEST if you can get a friend to go along with you! (pick someone who will do just about anything, because 'anything goes' in LA!).

inside room at Mojave Sands

inside another room

ourside room! (even better)

On my next visit (I am planning but have NO idea when I will be able to GO really) I want to visit this place; the Mojave Sands in Joshua Tree. It looks like the perfect place to really relax and do just about NOTHING! Although I feel like if I went there... I may never leave... coupled with taking a look-see around Joshua Tree, and my perfect vacation is complete.

Watch out... next time I write about this place I will be staying here!

Mojave Sands website