favorite thing of the week: VESTS!

This is a GREAT time of year to put your vest into action! When you, or your kids, have a VEST on your body will stay warm while you can get your extremities used to the outdoors. Slowly but surely you will get yourself out there... as the warmer weather is arriving.

So if you don't have a vest already NOW is the time to get yourself one in our first VEST EVENT and also our FAVORITE THING OF THE WEEK!

vest are on SALE and at the perfect time.. now get going!
Prices are as marked the VEST EVENT is for ONE WEEK ONLY!

makie kATTY vest! - click here
ESP no1 soft quilted vests - click here
IOU project madras vests for women - each one is ONE OF A KIND!

erica tanov for women - click here

and last but never LEAST the wovenplay deerskin vest for kids... I love this piece and your kids will fill with fantasy play...
wovenplay deerskin vest was $176 / now $86
VESTS galore... what's NEXT!?