egg decorating!

We are crazy for hard boiled eggs, so what goes better with that than some DECORATION. Each year we look forward to this delightful holiday so that we can stuff ourselves with all sorts of hard boiled egg treats; egg salad sandwiches (see recipe here), deviled eggs and just plain hard boiled eggs for breakfast but NOW they are COLORS! so festive!

uumm... all you need is some creativity and a SHARPIE apparently!

We don't often go out of the box and color them but I found these wonderful ideas online. Then my wonderful friends at Eco-Kids created this all natural egg coloring kit and I was so very PLEASED! The one thing I hate about those little tablets is the obvious dyes... yuk! Now you can color them beautifully with colors derived from purple sweet potato, annatto seed and red cabbage! The kit comes with a color card for mixing the colors to create what you need.

click here to buy Eco-Kids Egg Coloring Kit

the Eco-Kids kit comes with egg holder and ALL instructions you will need to make beautiful naturally colored eggs!
 One of my FAVORITE and easiest ideas was this tattoo idea... notice how delicately the eggs are dyed... essential to the final cute look of these eggs!

tattoo eggs!

I LOVE this idea that I found on Pinterest (if you are not already following me... you should do SO I am SO much fun on Pinterest!)

Have FUN!!