New York... again..?!

the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg

This time it's a visit to NYC for the kids shows: Playtime and ENK Childrens Club this weekend. This is a tricky time, because my husband has his Art shows going on in the city at the same time, which makes this a bit of a family trip, but also work. We are looking for the best things to do so I went to one of my favorite people Florence Rolando and her website Pirouette. She is traveling in from Europe so she has done a bit of research with our friends; Emily of Lucky Wang, Bronagh of Sweet William and a few others - click through to her website for all their good ideas for FUN in NYC with your kids! Here are some of our favorites... and then some things we really want to check out.

Lego Store at Rockefeller Center - my son is crazy for lego so we are excited to see this store that I have heard is terrific! I am hoping to find a few things beyond the normal... we will keep you updated!

the skateboard park at chelsea piers
nearby is this lovely merry go round! for smaller kids

Skateboard park at Chelsea Piers - we always end up spending some time here but it really depends on the weather.. hope for sunshine I always say! If so this fun park is a great hang out for kids, fun to watch and my son also skateboards, I think it's inspiring for him to see the crazy moves here. There is also a great snack truck outside... organic hot dogs anyone!? and there is a nearby merry-go-round for younger kids.

The Standard for ice skating - there are always a few hours of time that can be passed with ice skating here... good times had by all! (I like it just as much as the KIDS)

Childrens Film Festival - On the suggestion of Emily/Lucky Wang we will certainly hit a few films - click here for film schedule - encouraging innovation in childrens films. And just in case we have less than perfect weather.

Brooklyn Bowl - This party-time bowling is in Williamsburg... it is one of the most rockin' fun bowling you will find! and if you are not into bowling you can dance the day or night away right next to the bowling lanes on a giant dance floor. And what's good for parents... right next door is the new Wythe hotel - so you can jump right across the street and be all chic and stuff...

my two big bowlers!

So there you go.. this is our itinerary.. plus some more fun... it's always nice to find some new things going on in NYC!

Have a GREAT trip!