NEW :: Clare Vivier bags!! LOVE!

This new shot of Clare Vivier bags are just about my FAVORITES! I love them all and between you and me.. I took home some too... sssshhhhh... shop them ALL here

clare vivier moyen bag - black/white/azure

The Moyen bag is really my favorite for spring.. (well anytime for that matter) it's the size, shape and ease of two different straps to use as you please! (it could even be a clutch) - the color palate here is black bag, white shoulder strap or azure blue messenger strap... the combination kills me it's gorgeous!

Clare Vivier flat clutch :: leopard

and then... I couldn't hold back, I knew that all of you needed (and yes, I needed too) the leopard flat clutch bag. There is something about Clare's zipper that is perfect, the pull, perfect... it's all PERFECT! Sized to carry what you need... not what you don't, HA!

clare vivier la tropezienne - navy

If you are Mrs. Practical, yes I am too :), this is the bag for you... La Tropezienne, I love navy but it also comes in practical black. But really, this so so chic I am delighted to call it practical too!

shop Clare Vivier at Nonchalantmom here