New York... New York!

In the last few weeks my husband and I have been on a constant treadmill going back and forth to New York City... rarely together, but I just thought I should share some of our favorites with you at the moment... it's a short list but we really like this list!

lead belly

marley LOVES NYC (not really...)
skating at The Standard

snacks at lead bellys

The Fat Radish... I know I have been going on and on about this but it's still our favorite. We took the kids and had a little birthday party for a friend. Honestly, I don't know how to get reservations in the place though... it's ALWAYS booked! Then we found across the street 'Lead Bellys' -- this is how it went... we arrived with the kids and DOG in tow to NYC in the early evening, it was raining so we just couldn't get ourselves going for anything the kids might enjoy. So we set up a meeting with friends at Fat Radish (figuring it was early enough.. we could get in.. but NO!) so they suggested we go across the street to their sister place, Lead Bellys. It was fantastic-O! Really, it's the people that work here that make the place, everyone is so incredibly nice and by the end I just wanted to exchange phone numbers with everyone! We sat down, and there were games to play and it wasn't crowded (it was like 4:00 on a Sunday afternoon... so whatever...!) with LIVE music! (who does THAT anymore..!!) we enjoyed ourselves immensely and so did the kids, Franny was mesmerized by this guy who was singing and playing a guitar. We played a game of Monopoly, and drinks and oysters + fantastic appetizers... YUM! Then later we did manage to get a table at the restaurant (we told them we weren't going to leave until they got is IN!) and enjoyed a great birthday dinner for our favorite friend Claire.

sky bar w/view!

yes, our favorite man and his own drink at The Standard Grill (Rodriguez!)

me.. getting on the train at 6:45 AM!! (my hair is FROZEN)..
The Standard (highline) - Again, it was cold and kind of raining and we practically spent the day here.. kids skated, we enjoyed ourselves inside/outside... just a casual day and somehow we ALL had fun. Which gave me the idea.. to get a room for the Gift Show (this last weekend) - so I did and it was a BLAST... (this is a totally different trip) it goes like this: train from Rhode Island to the City, taxi to the NYIGF at Javits Center, taxi to The Standard, drinks at the Sky Bar with BEST friends, Dinner at The Standard Grill, back up to the Sky Bar, sleep, taxi back to the Javits, bus to Penn Station and back to Rhode Island on the train - two days and HARDLY outside! It's crazy isn't it??... although I walked more than a mile (inside the Javits) and saw a million friends... I don't know I thought it was crazy, how about you?

the sky bar

the standard grill

the room... lovely and ohhh so QUIET!

That being said, and I may be a bit late on the draw but The Sky Bar... what the HECK... that's the best place EVER! Completely elegant, so incredibly well done, the VIEW (whooaa!) it's just flawless - it hardly matters who is there, although that night there was a delightful Colombian band playing, you just feel you are in a very very special place.... and I am a sucker for that kind of thing.

I told you the list was short... but GOOD!