Aleishall Girard Maxon in Martha Stewart!

The Martha Stewart blog posted a very sweet story on Aleishall (Studio Deseo) today, and we finally get a glimpse into her studio as she is working (I've desperately wanted to see all those colorful tassles, yarns and beads and how she works with them!). The way she lovingly describes her inspirations and really it's her way of working that is seamless with her life! We love her work and I have been so happy to have some of her pieces in my store.

Let's look in on her conversation a bit (and then I have links to her website as well as to the Martha Stewart story at the end of this blog)

Aleishall working on pieces together with her daughter

MS: One of the most strikingly beautiful elements in your work is your playful yet chic color palate; where would you say the inspiration for this comes from?
AGM: My love of color and need to be surrounded by it both in my personal life and in my work is an intrinsic part of who I am. I grew up surrounded by the rich colors of the landscape in New Mexico. Our house was filled with colorful textiles, artwork and folk art. I also inherited a love of collecting and have always gravitated towards objects of color. Arranging things around my house can often inform a collection I’m working on in terms of color.

Aleishall in her beautiful studio

MS: What are the major techniques you use in crafting your jewelry?
AGM: I was never formally trained, so I’ve developed techniques that work for me over time. In the past, I’ve used more premade pompoms from India, but now I make my own pompoms and tassels, which I love and prefer to do because they turn out stronger and are more easily incorporated into the necklaces. There has been a great deal of trial and error over the years to figure out what works for me in combining the unique elements that I use.

you can find pieces of her last collection for Nonchalantmom here

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