Lucky Fish... you gotta LOVE her!

It's been a long time since we did one of these house visits. I recently realized that I have never done one of these with my closest friend Jann of Lucky Fish! (how could I deprive you of such a lovely home tour!) When I am in NYC you can bet I'm going to stay with Jann... Mostly because I love her and we have SO much fun together, then there is her location (Brooklyn!) and then there is her family who I love and who completely take me in with the nonchalance of a family member.

So first of all I want you to know I didn't style ANY of this... I just photographed what was there in her home. Jann has this lovely way of keeping little 'vignettes' around the house of these interesting little stories -- and they are always changing! So here you go, a tiny look into the Lucky Fish home! (you will notice some upholstery that is done with her prints!)

Jann's husband is an amazing cook... I always get inspired by his meals!
yes, there is always a bit of chaos around the tiny kitchen
breakfast is GORGEOUS! ricotta, pineapple, strawberries, pecans with honey and some really REALLY strong coffee!
practical together with beauty

crazy walls too!

kitchen shelves (yes that's hubba bubba there on the side!)

There is always fresh fruit in their house... ALWAYS!

with TONS of references to their home country - SOUTH AFRICA!

A Lucky Fish print

glass by Julie Burton + Jann's wrap beads (yes! I sell them!)

just beautiful STUFF!

some kind of self portrait wrapped in africa?

chaos - but makes for fun kids play!
day two - breakfast! (where's the coffee!?)
had to run to momofuku instead for coffee and some sweetness to help my hangover!
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