valentines project... it's EASY!

This came about because I needed to change my store window... it's a slight problem because there is SO much sun in my store window I can't really put product in there or it is ruined! So we get CRAFTY and do these crazy windows. Our Holiday window was snowflakes in the shape of a tree... it was fun and I asked my kids to help me and they were totally NOT interested. So when I was done and it looked so cute (see below)

Our shop window for the HOlidays at Night!

they got a little intrigued. So when I said I had to change my window again, I asked them what to do.... Franny knew what the next holiday was.. I think it's her favorite, VALENTINES DAY! so she said let's make a BIG heart!

our new HEART for the shop window.. not finished yet :(

I wasn't so sure about a big heart.. HOW, what, WHERE?... but then I remembered... when we were kids we used to make floats (not the kind you DRINK, the kind in a parade! -is that spelled differently?)... so it's been two WEEKS we have hand this giant heart on the floor of our house... It's taking a bit of time, but little by little it's getting done.

start of the heart

pink or red tissue paper cut into approx. 5 x 5" squares
glue gun (or some kind of glue)
giant piece of cardboard (or for heavens sake you don't have to make it as BIG as we did!! - insane!)
box cutter

wrap your stick with tissue paper

stick down with glue gun

To start cut out your heart - we folded it in half and cut it out that way (or draw it first!). Then use a stick or we use the end of a marker, wrap the tissue around the tip and glue down the center of the tissue square to the cut out heart. A glue gun worked great but be careful for the heat! - It works great if you have three people, one with the glue gun (mom!) and two kids to wrap the tissue and stick it down. We put the dot of glue on the cardboard, dots about 2" apart (we did it closer at first but that was going to take us FOREVER! ... 2" is fine or you can do even more). We did it from the outside in.. but maybe it's better to do the inside out!

We are STILL not finished... but I figured we needed to blog this before it got too late! We will give you another when it's all DONE!

Happy Crafting!