studio violet

I wanted to post a blog about the wonderful house/church that my favorite blogger, Irene at Bloesem, posted the other day. It all started when I wanted to make a gingerbread house, we always made them when I was a kid and it was such a special tradition... although my moms houses were always perfectly perfect (I honestly don't think that WE did much of it, but the thought was there and hey, it's still a special memory!) well so far we didn't get around to making ours ours... but I was very inspired by this idea by an innovative couple of women from Sweden who call themselves Studio Violet (yes, I shall be frequenting them often as well!). The idea here is a church made from clothes pins! (above) I think it's a fun project to do with kids, you can start with the idea of Studio Violet and then change and add to it and make it yours! So here is the project...

take apart the clothes pins and build your church. some ideas are to add birds and trees, I think you could easily make it Christmas-y with some evergreens (just use little pine branches) and some birds (I love how studio violet used a simple drawing) in the picture above you can see how to light the church which you can see lit up below. what a fun project! thank you studio violet!

the church is only one project by studio violet, if you go to their website you will find wonderful fantasy postcards, very cool notebooks and posters with their enchanting illustrations. I love them all and I can't wait to see what these women are up to next. so visit Elisabeth Dunker and Camilla Engman at Studio Violet and be inspired (wait until you see their studio! it's on my inspiration board!)