Global Parent: Dallas Clayton

You might have noticed a button on our blog for Nonchalant Mom that indicated a section that was going to be devoted to Global Parents. The idea was that we would introduce parents of all shades, attitudes, lifestyles, and locations. By doing so we feel/felt that our readers would benefit from seeing how other people did the parenting 'thing'. Of course, like all good intentions and best laid plans, the darn thing fell by the wayside. BUT, we did not forget.... and finally, we are introducing our second installment for the section (the first installment was so long ago you can be forgiven for not even realizing it happened!). So, we have some parents and children we'd like to introduce to you - but if you feel strongly that you know a parent, or parenting situation, (even your own) that would be great to share with other readers please let us know. You can send your nominations to blog@nonchalantmom.com and we will consider them. In the meantime, let's get on with the show:

Dallas Clayton is an artist/writer living in California who has written and illustrated his very first children's book called: An Awesome Book! Of course, we think it is awesome too, or we wouldn't be sharing it with you! The story encourages dreaming BIG, which is as inspiring a bedtime story as you can get. The book is also wonderfully illustrated with some very colorful and eccentric imagery - which your kids will automatically connect with. The book is a small publication and it is our suggestion you better move fast to get one before they are all gone.

This is something perfect, and unique, for a holiday gift if you are looking for something a bit different this year and at about $15 it is a steal! This is a work of art.... and how often can you say that these days.... and mean it? As well, if you follow the link to Dallas' website below you will also find some other fun gifts - not tons perhaps - but some choice and original items! And, while you're at his website - check out some of Dallas' poetry in the archive section .... very clever, offbeat, and interesting. Support your smaller local artists we say! So, check Dallas and his wonderful book out here:


A few questions now for Dallas:

Where do you live in the world?
I live in Echo Park which is on the east side of Los Angeles. It's a very nice place to live that didn't used to be a nice place to live because of gangs and killing. But, there is less of that now.

How many children do you have and what are their names/ages?
one five year old boy and his name is Audio. One twenty-eight year old dad.

What is your relationship status?
Me and my son's mom are rad bros. Also, me and my son's mom go halfsies with our son, but it's not really a custody thing because we are such good friends and live very close to each other. It's honestly the best situation ever. We're pretty lucky!

Does your child(ren) have any special needs?
He thinks he needs to eat pancakes for every meal.

What time does your morning usually start and what is your usual routine?
He wakes me up way too early and then I try to trick him into playing games where I am 'sleeping' or 'magically have my eyes closed' for at least an hour.

Is there anything special for breakfast?
Mass greens. Mass smoothies. Granola. That makes me feel good and him too.

Does your child(ren) go to school, or daycare, or some alternative?
First year of kindergarten. It's really for real. Like I'm an adult now.

What's the usual method for getting them to school?
So early. 7:30. At school by 8:15 in LA traffic. Where are all these people going so early in the morning? Can't we just push things back a bit? What's the rush?

Is there anywhere special you like to take your child(ren), and why?
Anywhere outside, anything where he can go crazy with little consequence. Anywhere that involves sports and music. Anywhere where I can jump on a moon bounce and not get kicked out.

Any languages spoken in your home other than English?
I wish.

Any favorite toys or books. Any special habits?
We keep toys very minimal. Anything that gets us outside. Make believe. Books that make me feel like a good person and make his eyes light up. Richard Scarry is a must.

What's your usual mode of transport?
Private Helicopter for sure. Military tank. Dragon.

What's your usual routine for the afternoon?
Everytime I can walk or bike in LA I do, but the city isn't really built for it. Especially with 5 year old sized legs. Fortunately I have my private helicopter...

Any special or favorite snacks?
Yogurt is delicious. We've been really into Wallaby banana/vanilla lately.

Any naps? And, if so, what's the usual routine?
I wish.

Anything special about the evening meal that we should know about?
I like to make at least one food we've never had before. Then I like to make a bunch of other good foods and try to trick him into eating them by playing one food against the other. For instance "would you rather have ALL the edamame or ALL the Quinoa?" (thus, it's a win win)

Any special diet, etc?
We'll we are vegetarian, but it's not really that interesting.

What's bedtime like around your home?
School has caused him to crash out pretty early. Bath, books, cuddling then sleep.

Any special ideas or mottos that you think of now you're a parent?
Try to have as much fun as possible all the time.

Any special habits, remedies, or customs you wish to share?
A daily wash of Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo on the eyelashes will get rid of stys.

Anything else you want to share?
a poem called 'Great':


The world’s oldest person just died.
She was one hundred and fifteen.
If you do not yet have any long term goals
you should consider aiming for her title.
It’s not much effort
and think of all that you will have seen and heard
if you succeed.