romp - wonderful handmade toys

some of you may remember romp from her store in brooklyn, well she has moved north but romp going strong! and I felt that I had such a limited amount of toys and things...but Jenn at romp has a perfect selection of very unique toys and gifts that I am sure will work for your kids! she has an entire (big) section that is artist made that is filled with great ideas....so, if you are in need of some last minute toys that are handmade and fun you can check out her wares that could be just what you are looking for!

we all need a stamp set that we really like rather than smiley faces and hearts, this will open your kids minds to new stamping worlds!

these great piece together card toys are from the netherlands and perfectly fun and creative...there are more boy things and then girly things as well (doll houses and such!)

I loved these wood animal puzzles, this is one puzzle that your kids will never loose the pieces!

Jenn is very thoughtful in the way that she pulls together some great things for kids, and many that you will not find anywhere else! so visit romp soon!