Cookies for Kids' Cancer

We have some friends (we won't name names) who almost every holiday season complain that it just doesn't feel good. And, every holiday season we encourage them to remember that it is so much more than about family and fun. It is a time for sharing and a time for caring. And, you know what? Yes, sharing and caring can be fun too! If you want to feel good about yourself, and your world, especially this year? Well, do something good. It really can work.

And, what better goodness can come from a fresh baked cookie? And, how about enjoying some cookies while helping to fight pediatric cancer! That's why we are sharing this with you. It is what we all call a 'WIN WIN' situation.

Gretchen Holt and Larry Witt started the organization not so long ago after their own young son was stricken with a fairly potent and rare cancer known as Neuroblastoma (a cancer of the nervous system). What do you when you find out your child has cancer? Well, we're sure it is something like a very strong punch to the center of your own psyche - heartbreaking. What do you do next? You FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. And, that is what they have done. Initially, their goal was to raise funds (about 2 Million Dollars) to help fund the development of a new, and more advanced, form of treatment for Neuroblastoma. Unfortunately, it appears that pediatric cancers are not pursued with the same diligence as adult forms of cancer (you can read more on their website). So, Gretchen came up with the idea for a bake sale. That initial engagement netted something like $400,000 toward their goal. But, thankfully, things did not end there. The overwhelming response was such that soon enough Cookies for Kids' Cancer was essentially born. Through bake sales, and direct sale of cookies through the website, across the country, the organization has become a powerful tool for helping raise funds to combat all pediatric cancers.

If you go to the website you can find all the information you need to create your own bake sale in support of Cookies for Kids' Cancer. And, if organizing a bake sale - or even baking cookies is not your kind of thing - you can still help out by visiting the website and purchasing some cookies in time for your holiday gifts or even for your own family. It isn't to late to help. And, you can also check out the website's gift shop for a onesie, t-shirt, or bib even - all printed with a special message in support of the cause. Simply put - this is a great way to feel good about yourself, help all our children, and join in the holiday spirit! Helping out a very worthy cause is guaranteed to chase away even the most persistent scrooge!

For more information please go to: www.cookiesforkidscancer.org