a very familiar book!

karen sent me this wonderful idea on how to make your own book, so your kids can look at familiar pictures of family and friends. this will keep them occupied for hours...plus they can practice, daddy, mommy, nana, mor mor etc....!

first, take an old book that you aren't so crazy about anymore and figure out how many pages you have to work with and find photos of those special people, places or things that you want to put in your book...you will have to do a little fancy figuring to get them to fit on the pages but every job has it's tough part...and then use a glue stick (or that almond glue stuff for less toxicity) and glue them in. now take an exacto knife (it works best if you use those cardboard books) and cleanly trim off any pages and WHOLA! you have your very own book which your kids will love for ages...and it makes a really sweet keepsake!
she also makes these flip books for me all the time...when she finds she takes multiple shots of the same pose or a series of shots of Ida walking for example, she makes these wonderful "flipme" books ...they make perfect gifts for family and friends! thanks karen!! (karen is a wonderful artist friend of mine and you can see some of her one-of-a-kind pillows on nonchalantmom)


Jill said...

Hello - Thank you for sharing such a great idea! I am a therapist for children diagnosed with Autism, and often we do specialized/individualized teaching stories for our children, so this will be great. Does your friend finish the book in any way to protect the photos? And does the text just glue on top? Thanks again for the resources : )

nonchalant mom said...

to answer your good questions jill - karen actually uses a program like "indesign" or "quark" to input text into photos, I think that any graphics design program would work or you could also create your text in word (using colors and interesting fonts) and then cut and paste them into your book. she does not cover the pages with anything and by the time it gets old and torn apart it's time to make a new book!...a good excuse! I think it also makes a nice keepsake when it's all used up... what a memory!