in stockholm...svenskt tenn!

well I am always talking about svenskt tenn and you have seen photos of their fabrics all over our house so I just had to share with you some images from the store. I also purchased a book on Josef Frank that I love, with amazing images of all of his work as an architect and artist. I spoke to them about selling some of the fabrics in my store (for the hundredth time!) and alas they just like to sell in their own stores, but you can find some upholstered pieces at anthropolgie (they don't say they are svenskt tenn but they are suspiciously close)...otherwise svenskt tenn is open to sending things out if you email or call, so visit their website for more information. at the moment the store was all about one of my favorite print (which is not josef frank but estrid ericson) ELEFANT! it looked beautiful! their wonderful mixing of prints is so terrifically clever, you just can't go wrong (sorry for these cooky store images the colors are kind of off)