even more travel....ideas: elevate destinations

thinking about getting away from it all....well how about seriously...getting...away! elevate destinations is a travel coordinator that has put together a family trip to africa (as well as other places)!! what a dream...don't just talk about the animals, pretend you are doctor doolittle and talk right to them, wouldn't your kids love that! elevate destinations puts together travel packages with a conscience, and each trip has a beneficiary so a percentage of profits goes to the protection of natural resources and community development in destination countries (which include: africa, india, south america and southeast asia) how amazing to travel while giving back to the country you are in...good idea!! although I haven't gone on a trip, they look pretty darn comfortable if you ask me, just visit the the website and see for yourself...they design trips that are educational, recreational and unforgettable...sign me up! (it's a dream!)