shake it!

This post is from my friend Karen:
When I first started feeding Ida solids I was a little concerned about how to make sure she got all the nutrients she needed. When you read all the things they (and we) are supposed to have it seems like an awful lot of eating and preparing for one day. Then I had the idea of a milkshake for her morning snack, or whenever it fit in, filled with natural nutritional supplements, and it makes my life so much easier with less pots and plates to wash and takes a minute to prepare. You can put in whatever you think your little one needs and likes. I use a base mix of milk and rice milk, usually add a banana, then flax seed oil, sea vegetable powder and wheat germ. I often add tahini for protein or yogurt if she's been lacking in that. There are so many variations and she has never turned it down! Don't forget to take care of yourself and make enough for you both.