jackson meadow

three years ago, when visiting my family in Minnesota I took a visit to Jackson Meadow...it's hard to explain how deeply I fell for this completely lovely project, the architecture (by david salmela), the land (by shane cohen) and even the kids that I saw playing on the common grounds, Jackson Meadow is simply put, the most well planned community I have ever seen. The wonderful ideas that were brought together to create this community, from it's land conservation, common septic and well, just simple things like un-attached garages (believe me this is unusual in Minnesota!), so that you get out of your car and maybe give your neighbor a 'hello'. I also think that if you live in a community this beautiful you have to have something deep in common with your neighbors. Visit the Jackson Meadow website and find out more and if you want to create a community like this, please tell us because we do too! I was in Minneapolis again this last weekend and I will be posting a bunch of wonderful things about this little gem in the north!