organic...at the airport!!

while in minnesota - one of our favorite places for breakfast is french meadow bakery on lyndale avenue in minneapolis, the pancakes are the greatest! among other things...just terrific organic food and even a macro plate (or maybe it's called a vegan plate?) both of my kids love this dish. Across the street is the wedge co-op...oh, and word about the minnesota co-op's (for more click here) I COULDN'T BELIEVE how amazing they are, big, and filled with completely interesting fare that I have never seen, and well, I could go on all day, but I was TOTALLY jealous! upon our departure from the minneapolis international airport me and the kids had some time to spare so we went to get some food and low and behold there was a french meadows at the AIRPORT...organic at the airport! (and by the way I saw two McDonald's that had closed down while in minnesota! yay!)
bob's java hut was quite cute too, just across the street from french meadow...I loved the big open window!