crystals, herkimer, quartz... are more!

Crystals have been a part of my life since my 20's when I worked with one of the most interesting and inspired woman of my life, well besides my mom. She was in her 70's and I was 20 but we became not only work mates but very close friends. She was the first person to actually listen to me, hear what I said and we would discuss so many different topics, for hours on end. I learned through her how to meditate, she taught me all about crystals and how to weave baskets - among tons of other things about life in general that she taught me. It was a key change in my life and came at a time when I had just started to work at Esprit (in the late 1980's) so my personal and professional growth was happening at the same time. My love for crystals still goes on and is always growing, but Emily will always be at the heart of that growth.

With the opening of my shop I have started to include lot's of crystals - making necklaces for customers who pick a crystal from my bowl of various sizes and different kids of crystals to large tabletop crystals to keep near your bed or at work to bring harmonizing energy.

If your birthday is in November you are also lucky enough to have Topaz or Citrine as your gemstone, it is said that wearing your gemstone will give you energy. I believe that each person has a stone that strengthens their spirit, or heightens an aspect to your life that you would like to work on or give energy to. Crystals are very personal and that's why I like to have people choose a stone from a bowl, the stone will call to you and you can carry it around for awhile to see if it's something you want to wear to give you energy.

When I get a new stone I like to wash them in the ocean water, then I let them soak by the window in the sun for a few days. This will clarify and clean your stone and it will have optimal energy for you. You can also bury them in the dirt if you need more grounding energy. Lately, with all of the super moons I have been leaving them in the moonlight outside. I do this with all of the crystals in my shop so that you can be sure they are ready and charged.

I have a few Margaret Solow crystals that are ready and waiting for you. Her stones are never heated or tampered with and left in their natural state. The raw sapphires I had from her were so alive with color it was hard to believe their natural beauty. The Herkimer is perfect for this time it is a perfect conduit of the universal life force, they are exceptional healing crystals and are used in meditations, dream and vision work (great to have by your bed at night, but might keep you awake with their strong energy) The Herkimer diamonds are the most powerful of all quartz crystals.

I also love this tourmalated quartz it is a super lucky stone has the luck of both the quartz and tourmaline, it also protects against unhealthy energies by actually deflecting negative energy. It brings balance to yin and yang energies. Yes, this is a great stone for just about anyone.

I am going to review more stones, crystals and gemstones to look at their properties and how you can use them to enhance your life and your mind and spirit.