An inspiring young designer - John Alexander Skelton

Trolling T magazine this weekend introduced me to this inspiring young designer John Alexandar Skelton. He takes vintage fabrics and molds them into divine and desirable one of a kind pieces. His clothing looks like scupltures from a time past and I can't wait to see how this talented designer develops--or even better if he doesn't and just keeps doing this very same thing!

Sometimes I wonder why fashion has to move and change so fast. I am all for the slow fashion movement, I wear pretty much the same things they just evolve with me and I add new pieces here and there, the time for a new wardrobe every season seems so wasteful and old. Slow fashion is smarter and with the absolute proliferation of way too much I like to give you collections that don't have an expiration date. They are just as good tomorrow as they were today. And nothing is more so than Pip-squeak Chapeau. As we photographed the new collection I was reminded how desirable each piece is to my senses. Mostly because I know I will use it - wear it ever day!

After all, that's what clothing is for right? To convey our personality and that doesn't change season to season.

Don't miss reading this article on John Alexander Skelton, he's a name to watch.
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