are you STRESSED out?

Sometimes being stressed out is just a part of a landscape these days, I don't know anyone who isn't under pressure of the economy, a relationship that has become difficult and parenting in general - while the most wonderful ride ever can be so stressful that you can't see the forest for the trees.

I meet so many people, maybe because I dole out this information on my blog, it's the number one question - "What do you do for stress?" I have many things that I have found that work for me, but let's be honest there is nothing that takes it away, but there ARE some things that help you see the bigger picture and sometimes that helps more than anything.

My number one remedy for complete shut-down stress is Bach's Rescue Remedy (the drops). I have used them since it helped me with breastfeeding. It helped my milk to come in and I think I know why, Bachs Rescue Remedy just helps you to get above the panic/stress and to become calm, you can almost feel yourself climbing down from the tree. My kids are now old enough that the stress of a test can interfere with their sleeping and give them stress during the day at school (for my ninth grader). He will use the Rescue Remedy candies from time to time and that would bring him into focus (they come in a tin and are a tiny dose).

When my kids have trouble sleeping at night I make them a cup of Chamomile tea and they are sure to drop off shortly after. I also use Chamomile tea for a better sleep just about every night for myself. I've never had trouble getting to sleep, but my trouble is waking in the middle of the night, I feel like it helps me with that problem too. And exercise, I know that a good walk each day will always make for a good sleep that night - there is really nothing better than fresh air!

Today I was looking at Treehugger - still one of my favorite websites! I found this great post on terrific natural remedies for stress, so you don't need to take it from me... there's MORE!

It suggests Lavender, which I like too! and some terrific stretches that will help with stress and so much more! So let's take a vow, to decompress, take a walk and let it all GO.

link to treehugger article