juice cleanse :: day 3-4-5

that's a gorgeous photo of fresh pressed juices!

Now on day five of my juice cleanse, delightful! Rebecca has carried us through in such a knowledgeable way, we get together talk about the day and the past day (we see each other every other day), the days ahead and then yoga every day. I think the yoga every day has been a godsend to me, if you are doing a juice cleanse you want to make sure your day is full, luckily work is crazy at the moment so I have lots to do to take up my time and then the yoga just cleanses your mind. Honestly, I have not been hungry.

These three days have been a complete juice cleanse, we have been snacking on sprouts - beet - broccoli - alfalfa sprouts (chewing like crazy). Between juices we are drinking coconut water, which has been delicious and filtered water. I would have thought I would have major problems coming off coffee but I didn't, just a slight headache on day two and lots of water - once again I think the yoga helps.

The night time is the most difficult for me, but Rebecca suggested that we take a lavender bath, stretch and take it easy. She has some other tricks like, a bit of magnesium in a glass of water to help you sleep and then I always have camomile tea so that helps me too. Day four Rebecca gave me a Thai Massage, which completely soothed my muscles from all of the yoga and stretched and made me longer and taller.

What I love about the way that Rebecca goes about this is that she is encouraging us to continue past the cleanse, giving us insight, and all the recipes to continue on our own and I am pretty darn sure you are going to see some smoothie recipes and other fun things here soon.

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