models :: my 'real people' campaign

haha, it's not really a campaign I just thought that was funny reflective lingo... I used to work at Esprit in the 1980's during the sensational 'real people' campaign, remember that? I loved it and I thought it was pretty ingenious, it ushered in a whole new way of advertising. Well, my reasons are not so grandiose but I thought I needed to explain myself since a few of my friends have asked "why the heck do you keep cutting everyones heads off?" (well except my kids of course!).

see... she's got a great bod right?

It all started when I wanted to use my lovely friend, who shall remain un-named cause she wants to keep it that way... who has a perfect body and looks great in everything and it helps that she is also in the business so she knows what looks good, said she would help me out. We just get together to take pictures because both of us have busy lives and we never see each other unless we make these arrangements to photograph. It's lovely, we have some tea, she poses, our kids play together and it's a win - win all around (obviously I win more because I get these lovely photos!!).

Yes, she is not always available, but I have SO many friends that have lovely bodies I decided to use them all... and I promise them, I will not use your face - cause I know that can add an element to the whole thing that becomes less fun and more self conscious. We have tea, we chat, there has been some wine involved at times... we have a good time. What I'm getting at is that everyone is busy, we all have busy lives so I don't expect that anyone has time to spend hours with me photographing - we do it VERY fast.

So this last week my friend Medelise (she is letting me use her name), who is a surf coach (hence the fabulous body) and a real estate agent, came over to help me photograph the new Layla collection, these gorgeous cashmere scarves that just arrived and some new Clare Vivier bags. We had so much fun and laughed like crazy the whole way through. Nothing was funnier than this photo above, she was talking to a client - who just kept talking and talking and she couldn't get off, so I just put her into place and I photographed her while she was on the phone, the far away picture is: black Layla Afra top, Clare Vivier shearling bag, cashmere scarf and no pants! No rest for the weary and we just kept on going while she talked to her client.

I've come to like the head-cut-off the models, not just because it helps me but because I think it helps you as a customer see yourself better in the garment you are looking at... less distraction of looking at the models face. I think it just makes more sense or maybe I am wrong - so no more flack about this my friends, now that I've explained it all it makes sense right!? Plus, I love that you get the idea of what these pieces look like on a real body, not a skinny hanger body, these are real ladies, all moms who look great in everything! (that's how I choose my collections - things that work for everyBODY - not necessarily 'fashion')

send me comment... I know you will have them.. GUNN!!