new on Nonchalantmom :: Sandqvist bags and backpacks!

I am so excited to introduce you to Sandqvist... they are the maker of bags that will be with you for the rest of your life! We have happily made a selection that will work for your whole family!

Sandqvist is a Swedish brand that began in 2004 (same year I started Nonchalantmom!) when Anton Sandqvist bought an industrial sewing machine and put it into his garage, it didn't sit there long, when he started work on THE PERFECT BAG. In typical Swedish fashion he made a bag that was well thought out, well designed and had all the details necessary to become the perfect bag. As he wore his bag around town, people started complimenting, by the fourth compliment or so he thought he might have something here.... and Sandqvist was born.

I found Sandqvist while trolling the Men's Trade Shows, I like to go them because most of the time it's much more interesting than the Womens shows. I hung around long enough to meet Daniel, (Antons brother, I love how they keep it all in the family!) and we wrote an order. I wanted to be sure that we were getting things for the whole family. So we have backpacks small enough for kids (while I still like this one too! so really anyone can use it), leather totes for women - all with shoulder straps so you can easily tote anything, anywhere. Backpacks and briefcases for men and women, and then just in case you really want to travel in style... a weekender!

meet Hedda, small enough for kids, but great for a chic womens backpack
This is Stig - you can see that I am wearing this already! - it's a nice cross between a duffle and backpack - and the perfect size!
The canvas is soft and comfortable, everything has a padded back so that you can wear it all day long and even hiking. The leather is just that perfect shade of caramel and durable for everyday use. All backpacks have an inside pocket and most have a laptop pocket as well, that holds your laptop close to your back for light and easy carrying.

Aki the canvas weekender

Sune the breifcase (I'm actually thinking this can be a weekender for me!)

Of all the new things I have coming in for Fall, I am most excited about Sandqvist.

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