I try to be all relaxed about it but I just know how harmful some of these sprays and chemical-laden sunscreens can be so it's hard to keep my mouth shut. But as soon as someone asks me, what kind of sunscreen am I using I get my chance to launch into the weary troubles of some of these sunscreens and to my surprise even the most healthy eaters do no realize what they are putting on their skin and then going out into the sun and cooking in it... I am no expert, but I really trust the folks at the Environmental Working Group and I check my products out with them on their website.

through the link you can also download their SKIN DEEP app and have your product answers on-the-go! Because a lot of times your sunscreen is a last minute purchase, I can't tell you the amount of times I have been in a tropical place (Florida) and couldn't find a seriously non-toxic sunscreen.

At the moment we are using Aubrey - they have a very good rating on the Skin Deep cosmetics database, with almost the lowest (to none) rating on harmful chemicals. And it stays on pretty well in the water. I am adverse to using tons of sunscreen so we either go to the beach in the early in the morning or in the evening but if we have to we use Aubrey.

If it's a day at the beach we are after then I take a Hollie & Harrie Sombrilla with me (which I sell on the website) it just gives you a place to get out of the sun when you can't take it anymore - or if you are like me you just lay under the darn thing the whole time and hang out! - it's Perfect - problem solved!

At any rate I just think it's a good idea to be aware of what's out there and if there is something that is less-toxic then why NOT!?

The database is also good to check out your cosmetics.. don't stay in the dark...

have a great day at the BEACH!