instagram is fun, save yourself and get a pair of glasses...

A while back I posted about Pinterest, which I love for other reasons but I have to say that Instagram is a daily hit for me. Pinterest is a place I go for inspiration, images, crafts, recipes, etc. Instagram on the other hand is a way to keep in contact with my friends in business (or photographers) and get inspired in my work life! and get inspiration on a daily basis. I post on what is going on in my store, impromptu sales and new things coming in... and then a bit of family fun while we are at it! I post on our travels and local things going on in Rhode Island.

I have quite a few friends and family who say that they don't want to get caught up in the pinterest, instagram, twitter, etc.. craze and I totally get that, but I like instagram because you can stay just as involved as you want, which for some means once a week or even once a month (my sister)... any way you look at it it's your decision (just make sure you don't make it alert you every time someone posts). You can be as involved as you want... at the moment I am following a very inspiring bunch, a couple of people have asked me who I follow (just to get them started) so here's my list of favorites right now:

hackwithdesign - Lisa Hackwith has a lovely feed
kaufmannmerchantile - great store!
ruschmeyers - because they are my favorite place on the planet
tortoisegeneralstore - my favorite store for home goods
tartinebaker - delicious SF bakery
craftmanwolves - I started for recipes.. but now I just love their feed
absinthemindedswede - just nice photos many of sweden
brooklynballooncompany - balloons and more
shinotakeda - pottery maker
coffeeshopcorners - just what it says photos of coffee shop corners
nativetextile - a gorgeous weaver
handcraftstudioschool - just what you think... crafts and things to do!
horsesatelier - love them! (clothing - shopping)
zenbunni - love their chocolates! (los angeles)
bluecollarart - artist jimmy sheehan
curated_by - creative director nice feed
mwmmpls - minneapolis designer
manrepeller - she's just funny - millions of followers!
cassblackbird - nice feed
jetsetterproblems - just what you would think travels
voices_of_industry - beautiful weaver
alexandrasklar - nice feed
hatchery - this is one of my FAVORITES follow them... great small recipe films etc...
_sarahnguyen_ - very nice feed
canarygrey - another minneapolis photographer I like
waxsurfco - nice surfing photos
mohawkgeneralstore - one of my favorite stores...
dramapothecary - LOVE these guys... + good drink recipes
alxgrossmn - creative director Bon Appetit
theamericanedit - beautiful feed lots of followers! (I think she's a Minnesotan too!)
kalonstudios - best furniture makers!
witanddelight_ - nice feed loads of followers
kylieturley - fun cute photos
lapetitemag - best kids magazine!
papiermachemagazine - nice kids magazine again!
blockshoptextiles - nice hand printing
what_my_daughter_wore - gorgeous drawings by a mom of her girls
rapo4 - editor in chief Bon Appetit mag
pilar_guzman - editor in chief Traveler
Yolanda Edwards - creative director Traveler (she also has a great kids blog travelswithclara.com)
florencerolando - pirouette blog editor and founder
girardstudio - alexander girard prints
pirouettekids - florences blog
aureus_art - my husbands gallery

Then I follow all of my vendors and some of them prove to be hilarious and so fun to be in contact with on a daily basis!!
studiodeseo (she's one of my favorites!)
clarevivier another fantastic instagrammer!
pollywales (I don't carry her jewelry but I love it and I love to see her pieces on instagram too)
jessekamm (I don't sell her either but love her clothing!)
elephantceramics - love these ceramics!
wwake - coming soon to nonchalantmom (love her jewelry)

I will also follow my favorite writers, stores, fashion editors, etc... it's all in fun! But remember part of the fun is that you also share your photos - it's a little funny when people follow but don't share... I'm just sayin'

and don't forget to follow ME!! nonchalantmom
see you on instagram!