recipes: Alkikinger

I don't know what these are called here but I had them in Italy and I will never forget the flavor. They only happen at a certain time of year (I think it was in October?) or maybe it was now in the summertime, at any rate, I had them once and loved them! I didn't know what they were called so I had to ask my Swedish friend, who lives in Italy and she said maybe the word is German (around the world there...). They are called Alkikinger.

So when I was at the Farmers Market over the weekend I found these... a friend said that they are Cape Gooseberries, but even at the Farmers Market they were simply labeled as "lanterns" but I had a feeling that I knew what they were... they weren't as plump as the ones I had in Italy but they were delicious!

We hardly made it home without eating the whole bag! We all loved them even the kids, and when I said I was going to dip them in chocolate - we all together went... "OOooohhh!"

I simply peeled back the 'lantern' and then dipped them in chocolate... Delicious! I think they would make such a nice party treat! If I made them again for a party I would probably dip they 2-3 times. But I used a very nice, high quality dark Belgian chocolate... YUM!

(kids liked them too, but not as much as I did...)



Margaret said...

they are also called husk cherries. their flavor does suggest cherries but not as sweet/strong!

Sallie CC said...

She shared them with us when we visited on Sunday.They were not only lovely to look at, they burst with flavor when you bit into them. Yummy!

Anonymous said...