How can I work... When I'm reading this!? - The Goldfinch

I have to apologize for being absent in blogging but I've been reading The Goldfinch and I just can't stop! It's the best book in a long time and that can't-put-down kind of reading that I love!

So if you have already - it's not too late! (I'm almost done so I'll be blogging again soon!!)

Okay, so now - weeks later - countless very late nights and I have finished. What an exquisite wordsmith is Donna Tartt (but that's what I remember about her from The Secret), pages upon pages a whirlwinds of words, I felt taken away. I also wanted to reach in at moments and take Theo out and shake him, then slap him then scream in his face to STOP IT! But she let him go on... and on and on with his self-destruction. I loved it - but it certainly was a crazy ride!

Thank you Donna Tartt - please don't let us wait so long next time...