Horses Atelier

Once again, I don't remember the trail that got me here but I think it started with Pennyweight an amazing blog and I follow her on Instagram (she has 30k+ followers!) - I wish my life was a beautiful as hers seems to be! Anyway....

She turned me onto Horses Atelier and I want just about the entire collection for Spring (not to mention I WISH I had it in my store... I'll work on this for Fall...) but you can shop directly from them, located in Canada, they create, produce and retail their collection of gorgeous and sexy clothing. My favorite shots of the collection are the ones that they are wearing themselves!

I love the style of these two ladies - Claudia Dey and Heidi Sopinka. I feel like 'horses' was somehow the perfect name, a bit mysterious, simple and gorgeous and all the while very sexy... right!

I had trouble finding who took these photos (I would love to reference sorry!)

Visit their website and SHOP here!

see more of these GREAT photos plus an interview here at bootsandpine.com