2014 and the year forward....

hard at work... at playtime nyc

 While the new Spring collections start to arrive into the shop, Franny and I took to NYC for a girls working weekend and stopped by the Playtime (more on that later), took in some fashion shows and visited our favorite collections to shop for Fall 2014 (yes, F A L L!). It's not so easy to take in the Fall collections when all you want to do is throw out your winter clothes and BURN them! But that's the fashion cycle, and if I don't get my orders in PRONTO we won't have the beautiful stock that we have at Nonchalantmom. This coming Fall season I went overtime and took in ALL the shows possible; mens, womens, kids, home... just to find the right mix for the store. And that I did, I found a handful of new 'makers' that I am very excited about - and of course I would never part with those I love... Makié, Lucky Fish, Layla.. just to name a few. I did find, after scouring the markets from here to California that what we started 10 years ago is still my standard. I like Nonchalant Mom to be a family and by that I mean if a supplier doesn't feel like part of our world, I don't care how cool they are they just don't belong here. We are all part of making one beautiful world - working together in life and commerce. My dad used to tell me that it's important that you look at who you are buying from, support people who you believe in because it means a lot to their livelihood.

I know that first hand now because last year was a very difficult year, not just for me but I know many people that went out of business because it was so tough. But at the same time a new frontier of shops opened their doors, and I must say I like this landscape a lot better; Beautiful Dreamers, Chay, Primary Essentials to name a few. Shops that have a meaning and a presence behind them, as Nonchalantmom does, I believe we are the new landscape of retail. We are about supporting makers and products that stand for creativity and clean living - in the future I will be sticking closer to that with my store, let's just say I got a bit lazy... I want my store to mean something and stand for something and that has never been easier that NOW, with makers at the forefront of manufacturing in USA it's so much easier and more fun to find people to supply handmade things for the store. So here we go... 2014... it's going to be a GREAT year!

Come shop with us!

There are a bunch of projects on the horizon, as soon as they take a more tangible shape you will be the first to know about it, E X C I T I N G is all I can say for now... VERY exciting!