Valentines Day cards

I'm sorry this is a bit late.. but we just finished our Valentine Day cards last night... LATE last night, so maybe you can use this idea for next year!(?) These were really fun to make and we all got in on the action. Even Sander wanted to help, this was his first year NOT making cards for the class - such a sad time, when that finally comes to an end...

I will add that the Spin Art kit is my favorite birthday gift to give to kids (well, that AND a Lucky Fish T-shirt - always a hit!) So most of the kids around our parts already have one, but if you don't it's fun, easy to clean, and gives your kids hours of creative fun (with hardly any intervention from you!).

here's what you need:
Spin Art kit
neon paint (we use Temera Pro Art paint - it's easy clean up!)
card stock
colored pencils
sewing machine (neon thread!)

Start by making the spin art so that you have time to let them dry. We ran out of the paper so we just cut card-stock to fit the Spin Art wheel. Franny has 22 kids in her class so we made some extra just in case.

Then we cut out hearts, kids were fighting to cut out the hearts... go figure... and Franny wrote each of the kids names on the hearts and then we colored them with colored pencils (we happened to have neon colored pencils) - we didn't have much time so if you have more time this is where your kids can have some fun.

Then we couldn't really decide how to attach them so we decided it would be fun to sew them on! (I just happened to already have the sewing machine out so...) They ended up looking super cute and Franny got to try sewing a bit (it's super easy to sew on paper because it's so flat so very easy for kids), but I'm not going to pretend that she was up for sewing them all, but it was a family project in the end and we had a good time making them (low-stress, nothing was perfect!)

The result... so FUN and easy and really unique!