favorite shop :: ANZU

this was the Anzu table at the event

There is nothing I like better than a refreshing new online shop :: ANZU, I met these guys at the Remodelista sale that we did together in December (that event was FULL of delightful meetings and new friends!) when the show was finally done and we ran around to shop for ourselves I rushed over the the Anzu table and unloaded a bundle on gifts and delightful items for our home. They are now my cherished favorites so I want to pass these guys on to you so that you may enjoy a bit of lovely Japanese craftsmanship yourself!

Anzu is a small online based retailer located in Brooklyn, it is curated by Asako Ueno - who does a fantastic job of pulling Japanese and made in USA items for a perfectly interesting and unique selection. I know that the things I found from them I have never seen anywhere else!

here are some of my favorites but check their shop to find YOURS!

this is a sweet bamboo vase for a single flower or small bouquet that hangs on a small hook on the wall

perfect japanese towels

made in San Francisco by Kathryn Davey :: super TED

say "thank you" gorgeously!

my favorite little wallet EVER!! (franny's too!)

shop ANZU here