Midtown (Manhattan) :: the place to go...

I don't know when it happened, but while I was in NYC for the Remodelista Market we were involved in during December I took a look around each night when we were done and I was pleasantly surprised! This is when it all started for ME anyway, but this has been coming for a while now. The introduction of the Viceroy Hotel on 57th may have been the start? Then others started renovating to catch up, then restaurants, with down town clout and eateries packed, decided to open outposts uptown. It's just what Manhattan needed... just as downtown became overcome and over crowded with uptown people - why not service them in their own 'village'.

The Viceroy NYC

This neighborhood is not so boring anymore... and getting better each day! In December as I stepped out onto Fifth Avenue, each day there was an excitement in the air and I no longer felt as though it was stuffy and I somehow didn't belong. We had dinner at Quality Meats one night and then another night (we got out LATE and had dinner at 10pm) at The Plaza downstairs at an eatery that is crazy and offers just about any type food you would like... it's the Todd English Food Hall, fantastic! You can have sushi while your partner has pasta! Well prepared and so fun! (great idea for kids because they can have whatever they want!)

The East Pole - on E 65th Street

If you stay at the Viceroy, there is a beautiful view at the rooftop bar! (a reason in itself to go) and then my favorite downtown eatery, Fat Radish now has an uptown spot called The East Pole with the same clean delicious menu is a perfect spot for dinner or brunch on Saturday or Sunday.

Then there is the new Dover Street Market (opened in December), which is not really decidedly "uptown" but in Murry Hill - still it's NOT downtown! (On Lexington and 30th Street) This shop - completely new multi-retailer space owned and curated by Rei Kawakubo and her Comme des Garçons group is the NEW excitement in shopping. Just as she did when she opened her store here in the meatpacking in the early 90's she has laid out the future of shopping. Let's all visit and take note! I am mostly excited for the Rose Bakery and possibly Feit shoes (from Australia) - I hope they have womens shoes too!

As we get into things more we will report more... for now, this seems good to try things out and not to run away from uptown anymore...