NonchalantDAD recipe :: fish spaghetti

This recipe will sound familiar to those of you who make the same traditional Southern Italian dish with Sardines (I can't remember what it's called but it's delicious!) I would say that my husbands version is more kid-friendly. Our kids gobble it up and we love it too! You can serve it with fresh garlic bread (always a treat) or sometimes we put some olive oil on bread, with a bit of salt, and flip it in a cast iron pan which makes a delicious toast.

Fish Spaghetti

Tilapia (or any mild white fish) (we used 4 small pieces)
fresh sage - chopped
kale - chopped (I like to steam it a bit in the pasta water)
onion - chopped
garlic - chopped

topping: one piece toast, parsley, salt, pepper, pepper flakes to taste - buzz in food processor

cook pasta al dente (it's important that it's not overcooked)
start with onion, then add garlic and saute in olive oil or sesame oil (in a large enough pan so you can put pasta in at the end) until onion is translucent. Then add Tilapia and break up, add kale, sage, salt and pepper. When pasta is done add to the fish and add a bit of pasta water and toss together for about 3 minutes - turn off flame and drizzle a bit of good quality olive oil and taste to see if salt is needed.

spoon into bowls, and serve with toast or garlic bread and the bread crumb topping.