Childrens Portraits by Karim Hamid

For the Holidays, my husband is going to paint a portrait for a friend of mine of their daughter, it's such a cute idea and will make an amazing gift to her husband (shhhh! it's a secret). Then another friend is doing their whole family, a portrait of each of them... I love the idea of these small portraits, approx. 9" x 12" hanging together on the wall. I asked him if it's okay to offer it to everyone on my blog (and offer a special price). He thought it was a great idea since he is already making these others (yep so do I!!).

So, here's your chance... The painting will be oil paint on board, 9x12 inches in size - you can frame later if you want (I prefer them unframed). He will be making these paintings over the next month or so until Thanksgiving, so first come, first served! All you have to do is send in a picture of your child and he will create the painting, much like these....

Just send me an email and we can go over the details. This could be an AMAZING gift for grandparents, husbands, wives or just someone special... like yourself!

Email ME!