Monocle :: speaker/microphone

I am always looking for way to get out of holding my phone up to my ear... I think we are all unanimous in the thought that holding that thing to your ear/brain is not a good idea. SO, when I saw this little guy I thought... well FINALLY someone came up with something that looks pretty cool and seems pretty darn practical. This is all from a company called Native Union and the device is called Monocle (um, do they know that that's also the name of a pretty amazing Mens magazine... I don't know!?), but it LOOKS like a monocle!

The device is a speaker/microphone in one... you can also daisy-chain a few together to party a bit with the music, or for those of you who do business on your phone you can have a conference call in the same way. You can hold the device to your ear and the microphone enable you to have a conversation, all seems pretty cool right!?

looks cool right!?

get one by clicking here

roll up and throw in your bag when not in use.. n i c e...