summer favorites...

I found myself skating around the blogs this morning and came upon a few delightful things... here they are...

design hotels - San Giorgio Mykonos Greece

First off, if you are thinking about where to take your holiday this summer, why not go to Greece and help their economy a bit.. I like this terrific place in San Giorgio Mykonos that is put together by Design Hotels - it is the second in their adventure in 'hotel making' (for spring break the introduced a fantastic swinging place in Tulum, Mexico) - Design Hotels is a website that highlights a group of amazing hotels around the world, if we are going somewhere we always check their website to find out the best most chic places to stay, and we have NEVER been let down! Proprietors Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel together with Markos Daktilidis, owner of Paradise Beach, approached Design Hotels to create a new hospitality experience and here is a peek - see more by clicking here. (right now there is a promotion of 7 nights for the price of 5!)

design hotels - San Giorgio Mykonos Greece

more of San Giorgio Mykonos Greece

I checked in with one of my favorite blogs, Irene Hoofs at Bloesem and she turned me onto Tove Johansson. She is a designer working in Fashion, textiles and illustration. I love her most recent work... FANTASTIC!

Tove Johansson

Tove Johansson

Tove Johansson

 Then I started to go shopping and went directly to one of my favorite stores (well, that's besides nonchalantmom that is...) Totokaelo. They just opened their new venture which is called Totokaelo Art-Object.. and I loved just about all of it! (and so did lots of other people because a lot was already sold out!) These are some of my one-of-a-kind picks!

shaggy weaving by New Friends

ceramic bells by Michelle Quan

this is my FAVORITE! a tiny terrarium by Score & Solder

bronze bowl by Alma Allen

I wish I could remember how I came upon these but we are a tatoo crazy family (well the NON permanent kind..) and I think these are so fun for summer! They care cute and delicate and I love that they are as good for kids as they are for you! by Tattly

ship tatoo

veggies tattoo

Zoo tattoo