guest blogger: Clem

we have a guest blogger today, her name is Clem, she is 11 years old. She loves Nonchalant Mom (maybe she will take it over for me one day!) and I think she is an extremely talented and smart girl so I asked her to be a guest and write for my blog from time to time. This is her first piece, so you will see more of Clem as the summer goes on.

photo by Clem

photo by Clem

"Two years ago when my family moved to Matunuck, I realized
I had a passion for clothing. From that point on I have paid attention to the textures, prints and colors of pants, shoes and shirts. I really enjoy going on short little walks around my house so I can spot all the different prints. One of my favorite things to do is to sit down outside and observe things one at a time. Then later that day I might have an idea for a shirt with a lilac on it or a hummingbird print. I adore Nonchalant Mom because the clothes are very casual and laid back. I also think the prints are amazing and well made.  Once I’m on the wesite, it’s hard to get off."

all photos by Clem
I thought it would be nice if we got to know clem a bit better so I asked her a few questions:

Nonchalantmom: we talk a lot about food here at Nonchalant Mom so I have to ask you... what is your favorite food? 
Clem: "HOT RICE" 
NCM: (a girl after my own heart!!)

NCM:what is your favorite color? 
C: "silver"

NCM: are you into sports? do you like to watch or play sports? 
C: "I am not a big sports person although I do play softball and I practice gymnastics"

NCM: In the summertime when it's HOT, how do you keep cool? (we eat lots of Popsicles in this house!)
C: I keep cool in the sun by putting a fan in front of me complete with a cold glass of water and a book. 

Thank you clem and we hope to have you back here soon blogging about whatever your heart desires!