best new magazine - RUE

yes, I feel as though I am very LATE to this one... everyone probably already knows about this wonderful online magazine RUE. I came to it via Bloesem (as usual!) But I was totally impressed with their editorial... it's a bit like Domino, but that's a GOOD thing right!?

So here is some RUE love...

may/june issue

a bit of DIY that was pretty darn cute! a possible summertime project for kids

some fashion never hurt anybody!

this fantastic home in Sweden started me on the whole thing... it's SO inspiring and SO fantastic! I'm crazy for every inch and every detail!

these are the proprietors, and by the looks of it they live in Dalarna, Sweden! (that's just a guess)

this is a place that Irene (of Bloesem) styled for this photoshoot! (LOVE it!)

visit this fantastic magazine online NOW - click here (it's only online - not in print)