tree house magic!

Lynn's treehouse located somewhere near Toronto, Canada

The thought of dropping things (but NEVER dropping Nonchalantmom!! it goes with me everywhere!!) and possibly living in a more unconventional way has been on our minds quite a lot lately. Our house is still on the market but we are not sure what would happen it we actually SOLD it!? But what we DO know is that we don't want to tie oursleves down to a traditional home life. I wouldn't say that we have a normal life right now, but... I'm just saying... there may be OTHER ideas out there!

Today I came upon this treehouse and although this may be taking it to the extreme it's so good to see a home that is NOT conventional, not practical and a lot more 'not's' but what it IS is warm, fun and well I've got to assume it keeps you guessing in life! (like maybe.. why am I living with SQUIRRELS?!)

This treehouse is the home of Lynn Knowlton, she is an interior designer and one of her rules is it's best to barter, so your home (or treehouse in this case) CAN be made of a recycled barn that got torn down by a tornado, your sink can be found on the side of the road, and you can trade or barter to get just about anything you need (or don't need)!

this porch opens up to the living room!

this is IT where life is great!

It's a great way to live and it's just nice to think about living in a different way!

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