IOU Project + MADRAS = LoVE!

madras fitted blazer - size x-small

We found a new project and they are AMAZING... creating beautiful goods eithically and in oh such a chic way! We couldn't keep our hands off them! Here's how it goes.. each piece is totally unique, made with handwoven Madras cloth and tailored in Italy, the best part... well besides the fact that they are keeping these two traditions alive in their countries, is that the result is completely cool, wearable and a whole lot of FUN!

work dress - size small

I don't know about you but along with a prerequisite of looking chic, I like something that is made well and has a good message, and the guys at IOU project have it DOWN! I could have just written a blog about them to let you know they are out there but I couldn't pass up the chance to have these proud pieces in my store! Each piece is one of a kind and photographed as-is... so when you shop it's what you see is what you GET! when it's gone it's gone!

fitted vest - size small

IOU brings together so many people.. .and you can see on their website all involved. When you get your parment there is a had written number on it which will tell you; who made the fabric as well as who made the garment! It will tell you a little bit about that person, their family and a short video! IOU project brings it all together for completely ethical clothing! --nothing could be better!

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work dress size - small