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This was my FAVORITE thing at the show... beautiful lighting by Lindsey Adelman Studio

this is my self-portrait (right mirror!) in the Palo Samko booth.. these lovely mirrors were a highlight!

I know, I know.. it was weeks ago and but I have just gotten around to writing about it, contrary to what a few people are saying it was pretty inspiring, although I didn't realize this so much until I went through my hundreds of photos.. The show seemed pretty small this year, but maybe that's just me... there was no one color that ruled, but there was lots of color, indigo, orange and really nice sharp colors.  There was not really a theme that ruled either, there were beautiful and modern applications of technology and also quite a bit of nature. Thankfully there were a few kid-centric businesses that attended and I have highlighted all of them.

I promise to stop showing my toes on this blog...
kids enjoying a fanta! at the Elisabeth Street Taqueria

marley waiting outside

I am embarrassed to say that I don't know the name of this place but it's the taqueria and a VERY good one! (on Elisabeth just below Houston)

The trip ended up to be a family trip as both myself and my husband wanted to see the show and we both had business in NYC... so on the way down I had to prepare with a pedicure in the CAR! This is not for a novice... it's not as easy as it looks! We didn't drag the kids to the show but tagged off and took turns going to the show and so the kids and I went to have lunch at this fantastic place on Elizabeth Street, it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon... impossible to get a table anywhere in Soho/Nolita PLUS our dog in tow... so this was a great solution! Even Marley had a good time!

Then we took a break in between shifts for a glass of wine and french fries... party UP in the city!

Then it was ONTO the show for me!! and here we go into the details and show highlights!

more of the Lindsey Adelman Studio

Lindsey Adelman Studio had the MOST beautiful lighting!

these are her beautiful hand blown glass globes

it's hard to see from the photo but there brass fixtures and then these dark teal color branches in between.. GORGEOUS!

not TRULY for kids but for the KID in everyone! by d-torso

I LOVE these for outdoor chairs.. they are very comfortable!

this photo does not do these wallpapers justice, they are so innovative by Eskayel you MUST visit their website: www.eskayel.com to see ALL patterns and the now also have rugs which are amazing!

just some swatches of the Eskayel rugs! (www.eskayel.com)
these crazy guys just had a load of beatiful rugs! they were fantastic!! www.nomadictrading.com

this was beautiful technology - a simple console that pulled out and then projected onto the wall www.spectral.eu

here you can see how it works

they also had a version for a screen + iphone dock - all www.spectral.eu

in between technology - www.apparatusstudio.com

old-time cool console with turntable by Symbol handcrafted audio - www.symbolaudio.com

chic speakers! tabletop wifi

I don't know... I just loved these guys! www.nowworkshopny.com beautiful wood + good simple design is delightful!

cool kids company... name says it ALL! www.coolkidscompany.com

these can really add something to a room! www.tomomisayuda.com
something a bit art-deco from England - wallpaper + pillows www.moragmapherson.com

great lighting www.jieldeusa.com

I met the people at GRAIN at the last gift show but they had a very nice booth with terrific accessories! www.graindesign.com

simple elegance.. I love this!!  www.palosamko.com

cloth made in Kyoto, Japan - www.leciel-japan.com

help! who is this..? I love it!

loved this sofa!! dark green velvet (but it was the end of the day and couldn't get these guys off the couch!)

this is another favorite! - lisa grue www.underwerket.dk

the embroidery kit by Lisa Grue

Lisa Grue selling her passion!
I have to add a message here, I probably spent the most time in Lisa's booth... these are amazing kits! and yes, is you even MILDLY beg me I will get some for the shop! they are $95/usd from Denmark (?) she is a wildly successful graphic artist, yet she feels that so many people don't work with their hands anymore, SO Lisa is doing something about it... she has created these kits, which take you step by step though the process to make your own wall hanging (or pillow.. or whatever you want to do with it!) she gives you stitches and yarn and everything! She is a terrific lady with a great message! Slow down, don't watch TV... MAKE something! with YOUR OWN hands.. and what a beautiful result! www.underwerket.dk

let's end with this one... beautiful right!?
Next year I hope to see you all there... it's always good to take in some good design!!