Halloween Contest WINNERS!

the WINNER - Robin!
runner up!

I swear that everyone was really a winner this year.... so many amazing costumes! We had to do some heavy canvasing because I loved all of them! I had the neighbors over, the neighbors kids, MY kids, we laid them out and voted on our favorites - of the over one hundred entries I have to say that every one of them was super creative and so amazingly well executed! We thought we needed to show a few that were constantly in the top, to give you creative guys some ideas for next year...

I would love this supergirl to save me anyday! - so simple yet couldn't be cuter!

we had lot's of baby entries... but we all thought this one was well-made AND oh so cute and unique

I loved this one... there is also a dumbbell involved but this photo.. so cute!

Amelia Earhart complete with clouds on mom!

there is harry potter and then there is Harry Potter from the second book with the car, spiders... AMAZING!! to top if off they are reading the books so this is where they were in the book and decided to make a costume right there...

There are two of these, a butterfly AND a bird... it's amazing really! what a costume!

Yes, just had to include this because... its perfection! (love that she is in her carriage - it looks a little like she may just LIVE every day like this)


The Winners!

Thank you EVERYONE for entering... it was so much fun to see what everyone puts into this holiday to make it fun and creative! My 6 year old said... "this is my favorite holiday! -- well, after that one where we get presents". Happy Holidays to everyone and THANK YOU AGAIN!!!